SIMPSON COUNTY, KY  –  September 30, 2020

On September 30th, 2020, Aviette BioProcessing, LLC partnered with Travis Creed after accepting investment capital in the business.  Aviette BioProcessing brings a fresh outlook and level of quality to hemp processing and partnership opportunities for farmers, food manufacturers, and investors. Currently in progress, Aviette’s extraction lab will produce the highest quality levels of food-grade CBD extracts through refined processes, strict quality standards, and industry experience. While the primary demographic for its products is the food and supplement industries, the market is wide open for high-quality CBD products.

“I had identified the huge opportunity with CBD and cannabis emerging as a powerhouse industry in many other states, and my introduction to Aviette BioProcessing was perfect timing and the right place to get in the game,” stated Travis Creed, investor-partner with Aviette BioProcessing.  “Aviette’s approach and attention to innovation and quality made the decision to invest pretty easy.”

Owner, Mark Loik, shared his thought regarding the partnership, “when experience, timing, and the right team and plan are all aligned – attracting investors and partners becomes less of a sale, and more of an exciting conversation to see who wants to enjoy the ride with us.”  He continued, “partnering with Travis brings that much more business experience, high profile connections, and business acumen into our enterprise.  We’re excited!”

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