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Aviette BioProcessing

Setting True Gold Standards in CBD Extraction Technologies, Consumer Products, and GMP Compliance
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Extraction Laboratories

ABP operates clean room mobile extraction laboratories GPP and GMP standards


At Aviette, our commitment is to guarantee safe, compliant, and trusted products and services.

For Investors

Through sustainable growth and developing markets, ABP provides high yield returns for future investors. For more information please contact us.

Primary Focus

Aviette BioProcessing primary focus and purpose

Our goal is to establish a partnership with farmers who can rely on a Hemp Distillate to be financially viable, produce high quality CBD or Cannabis products.
Our relationship would also be integrated into seed supply, product development and technical assistance to foster trust and repeatability for our farmers. Our ability to be GMP compliant will allows us speed of entrance into an expanding marketplace.

Industry is in its Infancy Stage, which relate to a Lack of Transparency

Current Problems Facing Cultivators


Lack of Trust and Integrity in a Growing and Expanding Marketplace.


Lack of Knowledgeable Resources, Technical Expertise, and Technical Support.


Lack of Specialized Training, Product Cultivation is not fully Mechanical.

The Solution

The Solution




Our primary market are companies that need GMP Compliant, high quality distillate for human consumption. In that line we would supply Healthy Living, Pet Health, and other Consumer Products.
Our ideal customers will be those who need a premium product, THC-free, GMP Compliant, along with consistency and repeatability.
We will have industry leading liaisons that will work with our farming community from seed to final harvest ensuring quality in the product, stabilizing relationships, while maximizing revenue for our investors.

Aviette BioProcessing

Mark J. Loik

Tel: +1 270 421 4700
Email: info@aviettebioprocessing.com

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